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  • Lightning Arrestors


    M-300 Series Arrestors

    The finest coaxial and open wire lightning arrestors ever made are featured on this site. MMI's most popular product, more than 100,000 are in service worldwide by military operations, public service agencies, industrial plants and private users.

    Look at the M-300 Series
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    Morgan Manufacturing’s M-300 Series Arrestors are designed for total blocking /shunting of induced voltage. Natural and man made.

  • Bandpass Filters


    Individual Bandpass Filters

    Gain peak receiving and transmitting performance from modern transceivers and stop out-of-band energy from nearby transmitters with Morgan’s full line of single band filter unit’s.

    Look at our Bandpass Filters
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    Excellent for multiple-operator stations, portable or field use, indoor or outdoor service, non-polarized.

  • AC Line Protection


    AC Line Protection Title

    Most modern electronic devices are subject to interference from electromagnetic signals and noise entering the AC line power cords. AC line filters offer an inexpensive alternative to the risk of dealing with many types of line problems.

    AC Line Protectors
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    AC line filters offer an alternative to the risk and unpleasantry of dealing with many types of line problems.

Morgan Manufacturing Inc. was formed in 2005 as a subcontractor for ICE Industrial Communication Engineers.

ICE has a 20-year history of building quality lightning and filtering equipment and accessories for the communications industry

With the untimely passing of the founder of ICE, Mike Koss (W9SU), Morgan Manufacturing Inc. (MMI) is carrying on the quality reputation of the ICE line and will be able to provide many of the products that professionals and amateurs have come to know.


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